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 Dear writer,

First of all, I'm really sorry for giving you no prompts in my details. It's not something I'd normally do, but I signed up at the last minute--I missed nominations, so I didn't think there would be anything I wanted, but I checked it out and was like a kid in a candy store picking out awesome pairings.

Trust me, though, I do want any and all of them very much! There's something really exciting about having no idea what I'll get instead of a carefully planned and restrictive lists of prompts. I don't remember being this excited about an exchange in a long time.

I'll get the generals and the  negatives out of the way first

Triggers: I don't think it will come up, but just in case, I find anything to do with infertility, miscarriage, elective terminations, traumatic childbirth, stillbirth and harm to babies and children incredibly triggering. (Lesbian pregnancies by way of donor or magic or scifi [if canon appropriate], and adoption, I do love, just no negativity.) I also find sexual violence and, especially, dubcon triggering.

Squicks: the words cum, cunt and pussy, sex toys or dildo substitutes, magical penises, voyeuristic men. I'm an old-fashioned lesbian. :)  Bdsm is not so much a squick as something that leaves me entirely cold. 

General dislikes: Total AUs (i.e. coffeeshops or zombie apocalypses); crossovers of unrelated fandoms; genderswap; crack; PWP; character bashing; infidelity; what X was thinking in Y canon scene.

General loves: Best friendship being complicated by love and desire; antagonism; being complicated by love and desire; true love in general; soppiness; bickering; jealousy; girls going on adventures; canon details (e.g. magic in Harry Potter, pop rock music in Jem,  weirdness in Utena); humour; emotional depth; first times; marriage and lesbian parenthood; soft butch-femme if character appropriate.

On to the candy, in alpabetical order by fandom and pairing! Please consider these prompts as helpful suggestions only--if there's something else you're dying to write, go for it. I'm sure I'll love it. :)


 I love the details of Pterry's world, especially Ankh Morpork, the City Watch and Unseen University, and Monstrous Regiment and Feet of Clay are my all-time favourites. If you've chosen one of the Angua pairings, please feel free just to pretend Angua/Carrot never happened, because I'm not keen on infidelity.

Cheery Littlebottom/Angua von Uberwald
Dwarf/werewolf relations! Oh, the horror! How would Cheery's nice respectable dwarven family react? Or Angua's frankly terrifying one? What would it be like for Cheery, having embraced human peteropatriarchal gender, to realise she likes the dwarven attitude of gender-optional better when it comes to romance? And are dwarves basically greysexual?

Maladict/Polly Perks
They so should have been canon. I'd especially love a first time fic. I
 think of Polly as female-identified, but feel free to define (or not) Mal's chosen gender however you choose. I would prefer something fun about vampire/human relations too much focus of the horrors of war. 

Salacia "Sally" von Humpeding/Angua von Uberwald

Vampire/werewolf relations! Oh, the horror! Pretty much the same setup as Angua/Cheery, only with different reasons for antogonism and, instead of gender issues, a mixture of class issues and whatever the hell Sally is doing in the Watch.

Tonker Halter/Lofty Tewt
 kind of want fix-it fic. I love them and the butch-femmeness of them, but I really hate Pterry's "They turned to lesbianism because of the abuse and loneliness!" lesbian!fail. I'd love something in which it is clear that they love and fancy each other *as women*, not out of desperation. Post, during or pre-canon is great.

Doctor Who
I grew up on classic Doctor Who (I'm not so strong on New Who) and Romana II is so freaking adorable it hurts. I would adore a story in which she goes on adventures with a female companion and falls in love. Twist or change canon in any way you need to, I don't mind at all.

Ace McShane/Romana II
Ace is pretty freaking adorable too (and she travelled with my favourite Doctor), and her painful background and complicated fate make her awfully interesting. I do ask that Ace is an adult by the time you pair her with Romana--not much of a stretch, given the age-blind casting, but child-adult relationships squick me even if half of it isn't a Time Lord.

Leela/Romana II
Like a lot of women my age, I grew up idolising Leela. She was just so tough and cool to a little girl. She'd be so much fun with the very civilised and whimsical Romana, in an opposites-attract kind of way.

Harry Potter
 What I particularly love about HP is the mixture of school story elements and magic; I'd love a story with House Points and spells and classes and Quidditch. Also ignored bits of canon, like the fairies, vampires and dwarves. Not so keen on post-war angst.

Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil
Brave, chivalrous Gryffindor girls! They hit my bff kink. I'd particularly adore them finding love around their shared passion for Divination, despite the sneers of those stupid boys, and/or mutual crushes on Trelawny. (btw, I completely reject the movies killing Lavender off--her devotion to Trelawny was rewarded with a last minute rescue. So there.)

Angelina Johnson/Alicia Spinnet
Katie Bell/Alicia Spinnet
I've put these together as variations on a theme: members of Harry's gallant team. I'd adore something Quidditch related, but I'd very much prefer falling in love over playing the game and team strategy rather than the porn tropes of locker room sex. OT3 with these girls is great, as long as it's about friendship and love rather than just sex, but equally so are single pairings.

Cho Chang/Luna Lovegood
Two of my favourite characters, and just made for hurt/comfort. I just think someone as fragile as Cho could really do with someone like Luna, who is.... Luna, despite her own tragedy, and can bring laughter back into her life. And they both just need love so much. 

Cho Chang/Marietta Edgecombe
I'll be frank: I think what was done to Marietta was really awful. She made a grave mistake, but she was a child under enormous pressure. I really admire Cho for sticking by her and forgiving her even at the cost of isolation from the rest of Dumbledore's Army, and she must have really cared about Marietta to do so. I'd love that caring to be (or become) love. Also, Marietta seemed awfully jealous of Harry. 

Helga Hufflepuff/Rowena Ravenclaw 
It's the "sweet Hufflepuff" that does it for me; the whole idea of a sweet-but-smart woman enchanting an elitist intellectual. I'd love something set in the early days of daily tasks in running the Hogwarts together, before everything went wrong.

When I was a kid, so much of my inner life revolved around this show (and my Jem dolls) and it's one of my most beloved and long standing fandoms. I love the femaleness of the world, the bubblegum pop and bubblegum colours and positivity. I'm a huge Misfits fan, but I love the others too.

Kimber Benton/Mary 'Stormer' Phillips
So totally my almost-canon cartoon OTP. Get them back together, and the only way you could mess this up for me would be an unhappy ending. Bonus points if you include Kimber writing melodramatic whiny teenager Dear Diary entries (it's canon!) and either girl writing songs about their feelings and making their band perform them.

Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor/Jerrica Benton
"Father's Day" made it canon that Pizzazz just wants to be loved, and it's not much fun for her being an employee of Stingers Sound; Jessica was really happy at the beginning of "Glitter and Gold" when she'd dropped the Jem persona, until she screwed it up because she couldn't bear Pizzazz winning an award. They totally could solve each others' problems, and then Pizzazz would be Mommy to a hoard of orphans. ^_^'

    Revolutionary Girl Utena
    My favourite anime of all time. I can, and do, watch it over and over, immersing myself in the emotion and the humour and the symbolism and the deconstruction of tropes and gender.  I'm equally happy with tv or movie canon, or a mixture of both.

        Arisugawa Juri/Takatsuki Shiori
      I am firmly in the camp that believes that Shiori is in love with Juri but is screwed up by her poor self-esteem, her jealousy, her self-closeting--and let's face it, Juri isn't exactly a great communicator. If you can help them find a way to each other, that would be wonderful, but given what a mess they're in, this is one pairing in which I don't demand a happy ending, or if a happy ending for Juri meansletting go of Shiori and finding someone else (female, please!)

    Heavens, that was long. Serves me right for being so grabbity with pairings. Once again, thank you so much for writing for me--I'm so excited at the thought of finding out what you've written for me! I really hope you have fun.

    Love, Kanna.

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