Sep. 25th, 2013

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Some of you asked about recommendations for selfpubbed YA, so here you go. :) They are all great reads, and all free or dead cheap, and you have nothing to lose by downloading samples in any case.

The pick of the bunch, my seriously, just go and  READ THIS pick is the Magnificent Devices series by Shelley Adina (steampunk). I nearly gave up on the first one because I thought it was going to be Georgette Heyer like romance with a "spirited heroine" in a steampunk setting, but I'm so glad I persisted. The narrative takes a couple of really unexpected twists, and it is just so incredibly enjoyable and creative and awesome and gleefully fun. Both of us are reading the series right now, and enjoying every minute. The fifth book is coming out soon, and all four in one volume are currently under a dollar, so it's an awfully good time to give it a whirl for small change. 

Coming close is the start to a very different series, The Sekhmet Bed by Lavender Ironsides (Yeah. I know. Don't judge it by the pseud) (historical fantasy). I should say that the author is horrified by it being called YA, but it's my list, and I consider it YA, so there. It's the story of the adolescence of Hatshupset's mother, of all the fabulous characters, and it's a mix of coming of age in Ancient Egypt, powerplay and intrigue between the protagonist and her ambitious, sexy sister, and fantasy built around Egyptian mythology. It's brilliant. Waiting eagerly on the sequel, which will be about Hapshutset her/himself.

Less well written, but definitely super fun is the Causal Enchantments series by K. A Tucker (vampires). They are vampire teen novels, clearly Anne Rice inspired, with an alternate universe and a war between witches and vampires. The storytelling is great (better than the technique, to be honest) and they are addictively easy to rip through, with the special fun of predicting what is going to happen next, omg. Also there are huge psychic, surprisingly cuddly  hell hound things. They also have the most stupid heroine I've ever met, Evangeline. This may be a drawback for you, but Izzy and I found it a feature not a bug. Evangeline is hilariously dense. She's great. The first book is free, and we went and bought all the others.

daynight by Megan Thomason (dystopian) has brilliant and fascinating world-building, so much so that I swallowed it in a gulp. It has all the expected ingredients, such as a love triangle and "we must pretend to be in a relationship omg" (actually, that's one of my ironcast tropes, I love it), but it really has a different world than any dystopian I've read. (There's a prequel, cleanslatecomplex, but I wouldn't suggest reading it first.) I have one major caveat, a recurring problem in selfpubbed YA, in that the heroine's emotions seem WAY off. She experiences the most startling or horrendous things and they don't seem to phase her in the slightest, she's straight back to "Hi, hot boy!" or dozing off. If you can cope with her bizarrely flat emotions, however, this is fantastic. Another one where I want the sequel NOW.

I have more recommendations, but this will do for a start. :)

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 Dear writer,

First of all, I'm really sorry for giving you no prompts in my details. It's not something I'd normally do, but I signed up at the last minute--I missed nominations, so I didn't think there would be anything I wanted, but I checked it out and was like a kid in a candy store picking out awesome pairings.

Trust me, though, I do want any and all of them very much! There's something really exciting about having no idea what I'll get instead of a carefully planned and restrictive lists of prompts. I don't remember being this excited about an exchange in a long time.

I'll get the generals and the  negatives out of the way first

Triggers: I don't think it will come up, but just in case, I find anything to do with infertility, miscarriage, elective terminations, traumatic childbirth, stillbirth and harm to babies and children incredibly triggering. (Lesbian pregnancies by way of donor or magic or scifi [if canon appropriate], and adoption, I do love, just no negativity.) I also find sexual violence and, especially, dubcon triggering.

Squicks: the words cum, cunt and pussy, sex toys or dildo substitutes, magical penises, voyeuristic men. I'm an old-fashioned lesbian. :)  Bdsm is not so much a squick as something that leaves me entirely cold. 

General dislikes: Total AUs (i.e. coffeeshops or zombie apocalypses); crossovers of unrelated fandoms; genderswap; crack; PWP; character bashing; infidelity; what X was thinking in Y canon scene.

General loves: Best friendship being complicated by love and desire; antagonism; being complicated by love and desire; true love in general; soppiness; bickering; jealousy; girls going on adventures; canon details (e.g. magic in Harry Potter, pop rock music in Jem,  weirdness in Utena); humour; emotional depth; first times; marriage and lesbian parenthood; soft butch-femme if character appropriate.

On to the candy, in alpabetical order by fandom and pairing! Please consider these prompts as helpful suggestions only--if there's something else you're dying to write, go for it. I'm sure I'll love it. :)

Discworld )

Doctor Who )

Harry Potter )

Jem )

Heavens, that was long. Serves me right for being so grabbity with pairings. Once again, thank you so much for writing for me--I'm so excited at the thought of finding out what you've written for me! I really hope you have fun.

Love, Kanna.


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