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Thank you to everyone for the well-wishes! I feel very loved.

I know we are biased because we are madly in love with our Cai-baby, but he does seem particularly adorable, sweet-natured and well-behaved. We had a bit of a steep and stressful learning curve with breastfeeding and my complete inability to swaddle him, but thanks to a nipple shield (I know that makes me terrible) and commercial swaddling wraps apprived by my SIDS researcher aunt, we've made huge progress on both fronts and all three of us are getting sleep at night. And he's regained so much weight that we've finally been able to swap him from disposables into adorable modern cloth nappies, OMG so much better than the terry towelling we used for the twins.

And we hid it from the midwives, but we have soy formula for middle of the night cluster feeds when I am just too tired to cope with the rigmarole of another feed (he's a "fussy latcher", which seems a very small term for the nightmare of us both learning to feed.) Haven't had to resort to it yet as I'm still expressing as well, but it's a relief to have it on hand.

I can hardly believe we really have him. We've had adventures like his first walk and taking him on the tram to get Izzy registered as his other mother, all of which he's slept through. Lots and lots of cuddles and singing to. His grandparents and uncles adore him. And we are completely crazy about him.

I think my favourite part of it all is story time - telling him fairytales and stories about his own pregnancy and birth, mostly, although I've started telling him Jane Eyre and we are up to the doctor visiting her after her collapse in the Red Room. I know he can't understand a word we say, but he snuggles in and listens intently with his eyes wide open and fixed on our faces until he drops asleep and oh he is so beautiful and we love him SO MUCH. He is perfect.

I am beginning to get resentful when asked if we are going to have another one, because... isn't he enough? I guess I'm basically monogamous by nature. ^_^'

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Date: 2013-02-07 03:09 am (UTC)
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You're telling him stories already! That's wonderful! And he may not be able to understand in the literal sense, but his brain will be absorbing everything and learning the pattern and rhythm of English with every word you say. I once asked my parents why I learned to read so early and so vociferously, and they said it was because they always told and read me stories from the day they brought me home. Enjoying books is a wonderful gift, so I'm forever glad my parents did that!


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